Web design

Why should I have a website?

The main reasons to have a website are the following ones:

  • Available information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • World scope of your business’ products and services.
  • Strengthening and improving of your business’ corporate image.
  • No great investment required.

We can provide three different packages packages of websites depending of your business’ needs.

Also called ‘landing page’. It is our economical pack, focused on all those businesses with a small budget, or even if your business simply does not need a greater solution. This kind of website includes the following webpages:

  • Who are we?
  • Our products/Our services.
  • Contact form.
  • Location.

It is our recommended pack.

You will have a custom website and, what is more important, 100% adapted to your business needs. This is the ideal solution to have a unique corporate image on the internet.

Custom websites can be self-managed (see Self-Managed web), but with a unique design. We will analyze your business and we will provide you the design which fits better with it.

Template-based development allowing you to manage the content that you want to publish.

It is not a ‘make your own web by yourself’, which is a method that we do not recommend. In TechnoWeb Canarias we will assume the programming and design, and you will be able to manage all the information that have to be uploaded.

This solution is the best for those business that want to have a dynamic website where the information usually changes (such as “news”, “new products”, etc.)

We work with our customers to know better their business and provide them with the best website.

All TecnoWeb Canarias designs meet the following requirements:

  • Optimization on search engines (SEO), in order to increase the visits from the main search engines.
  • Designs adapted to mobile phones and tablets.
  • Web standards.
  • Usability and accessibility rules, providing an easier navigation.

What if I have already my website?

Once you have your website, you have not reached the goal yet. Our recommendation is to deploy an online marketing strategy to make your website well-known, so you can increase the number and quality of the visits and improve your online reputation.

Please go to our SEO and Social Networks sections for further information.