Technical Service Tenerife

Technical Service Tenerife

In TecnoWeb Canarias we know how important is for enterprises to have the telephone number of a technical support service. PCs and computing systems are increasingly becoming more important working tools, but as every machine, they might run abnormally and be damaged, and a prompt repair is needed to continue working. TecnoWeb Canarias offers you a preventive maintenance of your computers, in order to reduce the probability of having technical issues.

We are experts in computer maintenance for small and mid-size companies, here you will find the external technical support service that you need, with a professional and, above all, very qualified attention after years of experience at this sector.
Amongst all our services, we offer:

  • Repairs y performance improvement of your computers.
  • Preventive maintenance on all your PCs.
  • Virus and spy software cleaning.
  • Backups.
  • Installation and maintenance of wired and wireless networks.
  • Security cameras

We can provide our services in situ or through remote assistance. We pledge that we will offer our services before 24 hours after your call.

Hire depending on your needs

You have different ways to hire our service.

Ad-hoc services that need a solution before 24 hours.
The maintenance Tecno-voucher are packages of hours of technical support specially designed for small companies, providing a priority attention and a lower cost than our “individual hours” service. There are different type of packages with different prices depending on the number of hours.
Prices by hour, accompanied by a perfect and professional prevention and maintenance plan, thought to achieve that your enterprise have as little issues as possible. It includes a scheduled visit every 15 days, where day and hour are agreed between the customer and TecnoWeb Canarias, to cleanup and update the PCs. Ask us for a quote and we will design it according to your needs.

* The first hour of work will be billed entirely, and after that, hours will be billed in 30 minutes fractions.

Our working hours

All our services are provided from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 20:00.

Also we have an urgent 24 hours service that includes Saturdays and Sundays , with a premium price.

If you have any question about our service or if you want to get a quote, please contact us.

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