Hosting + Domains

Hosting + Domain


The hosting consists in uploading your website to a server on the internet, so it can be seen by internet users around the world. So, the election of the hosting to host your website is fundamental to get the needed speed and quality.

We offer to our customers a wide range of hosting services, and we advise them about the hosting plan that fits better with their needs.

Our hosting plans include everything that customers’ projects need to succeed. Besides, our customers may hire a basic hosting plan and update it to higher plans once the project grows.

Please, ask for our hosting plans and we will provide you the one who fits better with your needs.

Thanks to our experience in the cloud, we have hired VPS Cloud servers, the best ones at virtualization on the cloud, based on the virtualization infrastructure VMware®. We can offer you advanced backup and snapshots tools.
Also, administration functions like FTP, SSH and SFTP are provided.


The domain enhances your corporate identity and becomes a very important way to succeed on the internet. The more recognized and unique the domain is, the more options to appear on search engines it has, which implies a better way to get more visitors in your website.

This is why we can advise you to choose the best domain, and we can offer a wide variety of them: .com, .es, .net, .uk … and always at the best price.